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How stress-free some of these minor adjustments can be made in your firm

You’ll learn…

How easy it is to identify areas you can simplify in your practice

How quickly transformation in your practice impacts the quality of your life

Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch, founders of The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys and co-authors of best-selling book, The E-Myth Attorney, have devoted their careers to helping estate planning attorneys reach their potential.

How fast other attorneys have accomplished these changes


“I’ve grown my business from a one-woman, one-paralegal firm into nine employees and an associate attorney. We have a Certified Financial Planner on staff. And the best news of all is our office only works four days a week in Greensboro, North Carolina and we’re doing better than we’ve ever done before. So, thank you for the systems I got from the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys.” 

--North Carolina Attorney

“That’s the work that you’ve done [Robert and Sanford] and I’ve got to say, guys, you are absolutely, clearly adding immense value to every single estate planning client that your estate planning attorneys actually are capable of working with. Because you’ve eliminated the chaos, eliminated the confusion and created the blessed result of everybody beginning to plan in an organized, dedicated and productive way.”

--Michael E. Gerber
Author, The E-Myth

“I’ve been a member of the Academy since May of 1995. Before then most of my practice was in commercial and business and construction litigation. I had done a lot of estate planning but never like the Academy. The Academy taught me not only to be a great estate planner but to be a business person, to know how to run a business, to train a staff and lead a staff, and it’s been really transformative in my professional practice and in my life and certainly in my finances.”

--Missouri Attorney

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Find out how simple it is to run a practice with these 11 Systems.

This 60+ page eBook gives a complete overview of how each system should work in your practice.

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Quick Tips

Know where you are. You can’t go from here to there without knowing where “here” is. Spend two hours looking at last year’s owner’s compensation, gross revenue, revenue per attorney, and what your revenue per staff person was. Write down what you’d like those numbers to be in the coming year.

Then read this eBook and discover that it doesn’t take years, it won’t take tons of money, and the practice you dreamed of can actually happen easily and quickly. It is not about incremental change, it is about a paradigm shift in the way you view your position and see the future of your firm. 

It doesn’t matter how successful you are. Finding even a small nugget that can have an impact on the time you spend in your practice, or the revenue you’re generating, or the quality of care your clients feel like they get from you – makes this quick read worth your time!

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A Guide to Creating a Thriving Law Firm and a Satisfying Life

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