“Hire Slow, Fire Fast… Isn’t the Only Secret to Staffing!”
September 18 at 12 PM PST/ 3 PM EST

Are you a solo practitioner who desperately needs help in your office?

Or, do you already have a team, but they aren’t quite stepping up to the plate the way you need them to?

No matter what kind of staff you currently do or do NOT have, we’re devoting our next training webinar to the topic of STAFFING to help you build a powerhouse team who can take your practice to the next levels of success.

We invite you to join us for a free training webinar and learn how to put an end to your staffing problems for good!

We’ll teach you the strategies we’ve perfected over the past 25 years that will help you:

  • Develop a winning vision for your firm and your team—even before you hire one single employee.

  • Determine what to pay and how to ensure that your new hires are contributing to the practice in a way that covers your investment into him or her. 

  • Turn your new employees into your greatest brand evangelists who believe in the mission of your firm, can easily speak about your “why” to prospects, and book a ton of appointments because they see estate planning and elder law planning as a critical service that every person calling the office needs.

  • Implement our easy-to-follow onboarding system that makes hiring WORTH the hassle… because when you follow the blueprint that we’ve developed, there really is no hassle, as the process works on its own to help you cultivate and continually motivate excellent employees.

  • Cut down dramatically on turnover in the practice.

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Meet Your Instructor

Jennifer Price is the Chief Operating Officer of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. 

Jennifer has been a dynamic presence within the organization for over 25 years. The Academy's coaching methodologies, practice management systems, and firm marketing blueprints have all been developed with the benefit of Jennifer’s insight, experience and expertise. 

This is an educational webinar for attorneys at ALL stages of practice

…whether you currently have zero employees, you have employees who aren’t quite cutting it, or you want to level up your existing staff so that your practice can continue to expand and grow.

Remember, the time you invest in selecting the right candidates to work at your firm, including the time you invest supporting your staff members through training and mentoring, will pay off in huge ways. In fact, it’s worth way more than just about anything else you could be spending time on.

Let us help you get the issue of staffing right, once and for all, and you’ll reduce all kinds of headaches that you are likely experiencing in your practice. Just fill out the form above to register for this training.