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You’ll also want to download and print the handout we used on the webinar (pro tip: the handout is full of great information – save a tree and print it two-sided!)

This webinar was approximately one hour long and covered the Academy’s entire first system of our proprietary 11 Essential Systems™: Strategic Planning. We gave away the *entire system* including the forms, written materials and the complete course presented exclusively at Academy Boot Camps each year.


Attendees of this free webinar learned:

  • How to uncover the “why” behind your practice.  Once you make this unique discovery, marketing opportunities will be ENDLESS, your income levels will skyrocket and satisfaction will ultimately return to your practice and personal life.
  • YOUR numbers. That’s right, the numbers YOU need to attain the income levels you desire. We’ll show you how to use our “benchmarks” to get there realistically, systematically and predictably…year after year.   Knowing these numbers will change everything.
  • Unexpected ways to motivate and incentivize staff members that will cause them to becomeextremely productive, enthusiastic and easily your firm’s biggest asset.
  • How to effortlessly set your firm apart from every other practice in town so you can stop competing on price, command even higher fees and create an experience that keeps ‘em talking and coming back for generations!


Free Attorney Webinar: Complete Law Firm 
Strategic Planning System