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What's Next?

We’re glad you took the time to join us on our recent webinar. We trust the webinar gave you an opportunity to begin assessing where you really are so you can begin to systematically shape the trajectory of where your law firm is going.

To help keep you on the right path toward success following the webinar, we have a list of some next steps for you. Check it out:


You are Invited!
Academy Boot Camp and Summit in Kansas City, MO May 11-15, 2016.

At this exclusive event, attendees will benefit from decades of experience from the most sought-after estate planning attorneys, coaches, and practice building experts in the county.

Hosted by Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch, our guests will learn how to implement the 11 Essential Systems that all successful practices master. Our Boot Camp and Summit were designed to give you the specific hands-on help and support you need to reach the new goals you envision for your practice and your life!


Interested? Request Your Application Now!
Only 15 entrepreneurial attorneys will qualify to attend our Boot Camp and
Summit event.

To ensure you have the fundamental mindset the Academy is looking for and to guarantee you’ll be able to implement what you learn within the first 120 days of experiencing the training and to satisfy the Academy’s standards that the group of Guest attorneys selected to attend the event is in the position to benefit from the training, you must apply as a candidate to be accepted to the Boot Camp and Summit.

Because we only invite 15 Guest attorneys to each event, we urge you to apply as soon as possible to see if you qualify so we can reserve your spot.

Click Here to download the application for Boot Camp and Summit. You're one step closer to securing your spot at the event!


We want to congratulate you for being entrepreneurial and curious enough to take the first step by joining us on the Strategic Planning Webinar. When you chose to join us for the webinar, you did something that many people who were told about it didn’t do…

One Last Thought...


At the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the value of what we offer to our community of attorneys, financial advisors, and your team members. To help us make sure we’re providing the most relevant information possible, we encourage you to take a few moments to share your thoughts about the Strategic Planning webinar you attended. It’s quick and easy.

Just hop over to www.aaepa.com/eval to fill out the short questionnaire. We truly appreciate your feedback!

One final, final thought (this really is the last one)...


to get a sneak peek of the detailed agenda for this upcoming event!

to get a sneak peek of the detailed agenda for this upcoming event!