Financial Benchmarks for Estate Planning Law Firms

For 25 years, the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys has helped lawyers from all backgrounds transform their practices into thriving, profitable law firms while living fulfilling lives outside of the office.

Part of that transformation involves reviewing financial benchmarks of every law firm in the Membership of the Academy to determine a plan for successfully taking a practice to the next level the attorney envisions.

Jennifer Price has been reviewing the Profit and Loss statements of Member and Non-Member law firms for over 20 years and can easily identify a few quick changes any law firm can make to immediately increase revenue in the firm.

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American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys 2018 Boot Camp Preview Training

Presenter: Jennifer Price, Chief Operating Officer of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

Attendees of this webinar discovered:

  • How much revenue per attorney in your law firm you should expect 
  • What gross revenue per attorney you should be on target to have 
  • The cost per client and percentage of gross revenue that should be devoted to Marketing or Rent.