Creating a Purpose and Profit-Driven Practice

Tuesday, July 10th @ 12:00 PM ET, 3:00 PM PT

We’re holding back the curtain... take a peek.

If you set a goal to increase revenue in your practice in 2018, we would like to invite you to an upcoming webinar that will help ensure you are on track to hit your benchmarks… faster, easier, and with less stress.

The webinar will take place on July 10, and we’ll be covering some of the strategies that our members are implementing RIGHT NOW to reach new clients, referral sources, and community partners.

Can you imagine laying your head down at night with total peace of mind and confidence knowing that your law firm is set up like a machine and that your systems are perpetually working to:

  • Make the phone ring with fresh leads.

  • Capture online business that would otherwise go to competitors.

  • Set you in front of the RIGHT professional partners who will refer people that have an immediate need for your services and the cash to pay for them.

  • Market and sell out your seminars so that you are always speaking to packed audiences of people that need your help.

  • Diversify your income streams so that if one avenue goes down or flat, others continue to pay the bills.

This webinar will help you identify the revenue-generating activities you should be taking a fresh look at NOW, in addition to strategies for running your practice in a way that will allow you to:

  • Take a long vacation without worry,

  • Cut your hours at the firm,

  • Grow your savings account, and

  • Indulge some of the “wants” in your life.

Ready to make that happen? It’s easier --and more cost-effective-- than you think.

We’re confident that after just one hour of training, you’ll be able to pinpoint:

  • What’s working in your practice.

  • Where you are missing the mark.

  • What systems you could be using to shift some of the burden off your shoulders and into an automated process that runs without you. 

  • The importance of identifying the true vision of your practice and how to employ a team that shares that vision (…we’ll show you how to easily make your staff your greatest source of referrals!)

  • How to set your fees and structure your office in a way that properly serves your vision.

  • How to end your staffing problems forever.

Webinar Facilitator: Attorney Jack Alpern
 Webinar Guest Speakers: Attorneys Robert Armstrong, Sanford M. Fisch, Chris Gaughan, Casey Connealy and Jeffrey Cooper

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Rest assured, our unique and proven strategies will help you start making changes in just a matter of HOURS.

Just register for the webinar, follow our step-by-step instructions, and we guarantee that you won’t even RECOGNIZE your practice by this time next year.

Again, there’s no charge to attend, no catch, and nothing to be sold.

This webinar will be an hour well spent if:

  • You don’t feel totally confident that you are managing your office efficiently and making the best use of technology in your practice.

  • You are frustrated that too much of your time is spent on administrative tasks and not focused on your clients.

  • You believe you are losing ground to your competition or your client base is shrinking.

  • Your revenue is flat, falling, or just not where you want/need it to be.

Remember, even tiny shifts can change the trajectory of your entire year.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018
 12:00 pm PST / 3:00 pm EST

Michael Robinson, New York

"I can honestly say that not only has my practice been transformed, but consequently my life has been transformed as well. "

"The best move I ever made as a lawyer was joining the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys."

John Kuhn, South Carolina

"When I finally joined the Academy, it changed my life. And I have to say, it was the best business decision I ever made."

Daniel DeBruyckere, New Hampshire

Chris Gaughan, Missouri

"When we first found the Academy, all we wanted to do was have a business, as oppose to operate a law firm and we just never saw a path to do that until we met you and your organization."

"The tools and systems help you create the practice of your dreams."

"I went to the Boot Camp and had a transformational experience."

"The systems which the Academy offers are phenomenal."

"Our business has grown 10x since I've joined the Academy."

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