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BOOT CAMP TO SUCCESS: Creating a Purpose and Profit-Driven Practice

If you set a goal to increase revenue in your practice this year, we invite you to an upcoming webinar that will help ensure you are on track to hit your benchmarks… faster, easier, and with less stress.  The webinar will take place on January 22, and we’ll be covering some of the strategies that our members are implementing RIGHT NOW to reach new clients, referral sources, and community partners. 

Can you imagine laying your head down at night with total peace of mind and confidence knowing that your law firm is set up like a machine and that your systems are perpetually working to: 

  • Make the phone ring with fresh leads. 

  • Capture online business that would otherwise go to competitors. 

  • Set you in front of the RIGHT professional partners who will refer people that have an immediate need for your services and the cash to pay for them. 

  • Market and sell out your seminars so that you are always speaking to packed audiences of people that need your help. 

  • Diversify your income streams so that if one avenue goes down or flat, others continue to pay the bills. 

Jack N. Alpern is the founder and shareholder in the Warren, Ohio law firm of Jack N. Alpern Co., L.P.A. 

Mr. Alpern has been a frequent lecturer at Continuing Education seminars for attorneys, through the Ohio Legal Center Institute in Columbus, Ohio and the National Business Institute in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. In addition, he has presented estate planning classes and seminars for Kent State University, Trumbull Campus, the Warren Tribune Chronicle and local industry and civic groups. Attorney Alpern has presented more than one hundred seminars, both public and private, on the subject of estate planning. 

About Our Presenter

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Date: Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020
Time: 12pm PT / 3pm ET
Duration: 1 Hour

Join us for this educational Boot Camp webinar that will help you pick up fresh ideas and plug into the cutting-edge trainings and resources that you need to grow, systematize, and supercharge your practice!

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