Learn How to Increase Your Revenue, Systematize Your Practice and Create The Lifestyle You Deserve Using the Academy’s Proven Proprietary Strategic Planning System -- FOR FREE!

Complete Law Firm Strategic Planning System
Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 2:00 PM Pacific Time (5:00 PM Eastern)

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  • How to uncover the “why” behind your practice. It’s not enough to just do the work you do -- knowing why you do it changes the way you look at your practice completely. Once you make this unique discovery and create your strategic plan around it, marketing opportunities will be ENDLESS, your income levels will skyrocket, and satisfaction will ultimately return to your practice and personal life
  • Unexpected ways to motivate and incentivize your team members that will cause them to become extremely productive, enthusiastic and easily your greatest source of new business and referrals
  • YOUR numbers. That’s right, the numbers YOU need to attain the income levels you desire. We’ll show you how to use our financial benchmarks to get there realistically, systematically and predictably...year after year. Knowing these numbers will change everything in your practice
  • How to effortlessly set your firm apart from every other practice in town so you can stop competing on price, command even higher fees and create an experience that keeps ‘em talking and coming back for generations!

Work smarter -- Not harder. Don’t miss this webinar!

We hope you’ll join us for this transformational webinar. There are no strings attached and nothing to be sold. The beginning of a new year brings the opportunity to stop slaving over your law practice and instead learn proven ways  to make your law practice work more efficiently and profitably for YOU.

Please Note: Attorneys who plan to attend our annual Boot Camp MUST attend this FREE training to receive System One, as we will not be covering it at the live event to leave plenty of time to cover each of the other 10 Systems.

ALSO, If you can’t make the date and time of this webinar, register anyway. We will be sure to send you a recording of the live webinar.  

The Possibility of a Transformed Practice
"What I found (when I attended my first Academy Boot Camp) really opened my eyes to what the possibility of my practice could be. Not only the educational support, but the marketing support, the practice management systems, and I can honestly say that not only has my practice been transformed, but consequently my life has been transformed, as well."

Mike Robinson, Naples, NY

These Systems Really Work
"The Academy has given me the systems to start my own office. Everything. From templates to education, to marketing, how to do the seminars, adding financial services to my office, Medicaid, writing blogs, optimizing my office on search engines and the Internet. You name it, this group really provides it. Of everything I've done in my legal career, this has been my favorite opportunity and each and every year I keep growing with it."

Cheryl David, Greensboro, NC

Thriving After Years of Struggle
"After years of struggle, I'm finally enjoying the practice I envisioned when I first set out on my own. My lifestyle is a lot better. I am more relaxed, I don't work on weekends or evenings. That's something I didn't have before."

Michael Bonfrisco, Cherry Hill, NY

Presenters: Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch, founders of the ‚ÄčAmerican Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys and co-authors of 
The E-Myth Attorney

Strategic Planning is the first of the Academy’s 11 Essential Systems required in a law firm to create a complete strategic plan incorporating your vision, goals and details. To really help you finish 2016 on a high note, we’ve decided to give away our entire *unedited* first system on Strategic Planning. This includes all the forms, written materials and the complete course that is usually only presented exclusively at Academy Boot Camps each year.

On this webinar, you will learn: