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Hear what Academy Members have to say!

At the American Academy we believe our Members are the best qualified people we can think of to talk about what Membership in the Academy means to them and what changes they have experienced in their lives as well as their law practices since joining the ranks of the Academy Membership. We’ll let them take it from here…

“The Academy has proven invaluable to me. What I find most beneficial about the Academy is that it has provided me a structure for not only the marketing of my law firm, but for the operation of the firm.”
– California Member

“One of the services that the Academy provides me is a Practice Building Consultant. No greater benefit can you have than to have someone who is able to look at your practice objectively and point out the things that you don’t see because you’re working in the practice.

The Academy gives me the wherewithal to work on my practice as well as in it, and I’m very grateful for that and I don’t know where else I would have been able to get that kind of support.”
– California Member

“I’ve been an Academy member since October of 1993. What I find most in my Academy experience is inspiration. Inspiration as to cutting edge estate planning techniques, inspiration to do more with respect to the same individuals and my staff, and an inspiration to be the best that I can be. All new management techniques on a constant basis, better ways to do what I do as an estate planning attorney.”
– Ohio Member

“I wouldn’t practice any other way than being with the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. It’s a wonderful way to have a small practice yet be part of a large national organization. I’ve been a member since 1996 and it’s been like a home away from home for my wife and I.”
– Minnesota Member

“One of the biggest benefits I get from my Academy Membership is the education that is provided. Not only do we have complete educational programs continuously throughout the year, but in addition we have attorneys on staff who can answer questions on very, very short notice.”
– Florida Member

“As lawyers, we may be great technically with the work we have to do, but we aren’t always the best business people in the world. Having systems to operate your practice so you can run a really tight ship and have the business acumen that the Academy provides to you and teaches you how to run it the right way also helps you make more money and support your family at the same time. That’s the biggest benefit I receive from the Academy.”
– Florida Member

“We’ve been members of the Academy since 1994. As Members, the Academy’s Education Department is so important to us. My partners and I are all CPAs and we all have advanced degrees in taxation, but the Academy’s attorneys are just beyond belief. When we go to regular Bar Association meetings and they say, “Do your documents include this?” and “Do your documents include that?” we always say yes, because the Academy keeps us up-to-date with all the most current documents and knowledge about what’s going on in tax law. We’re truly state of the art.” 
– New Jersey Member