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Here at the Academy, we’ve discovered 11 Essential Steps that will help you construct and grow a thriving estate or elder law practice… 

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  • How to Create a Strategic and Operational Plan For Your Firm- We’ll teach you how to lay the foundation for a successful practice and your ideal law firm, as well as how to construct the groundwork for making that vision a reality.

  • Master Finances and Operations- You will discover our valuable guidelines for measuring your firm’s financials, which is a powerful way to access your firm’s overall fiscal health, interpret why certain financial indicators exist within your firm, and understand how to go about making critical financial changes.

  • Assert Your Leadership- It’s time to stop wasting your time and energy putting out fires and dealing with chaos in your practice! We’ll teach you a more effective way to lead your law firm so that you can inspire and empower your team, earn the continuing respect of your colleagues and have a positive impact in your community.

  • Build a Superstar Team & Ensure Staff Accountability- Tired of dealing with unmotivated and ineffective staff Members? You’ll discover the Academy’s system for Hiring and Onboarding that will transform your staff into the powerhouse employees that you, and your clients, need them to be. 

  • Upgrade Your Technology- Your law firm’s technology system is the glue that holds much of your business together. We’ll give you a peek into our “go to” technology systems that integrate tools to draft documents and manage your firm, so that you are getting the most out of your tech investments.

  • Master Your Marketing- Here at the Academy, we’ve drilled legal marketing down to a science. We’ll show you our best strategies for attracting a steady stream of clients to your practice, week after week and month after month, without breaking the bank or wasting your time on marketing that doesn’t actually work for lawyers.

  • Retain More Clients- It’s incredibly frustrating to have a client book an initial appointment with you only to be told “no thanks,” or worse, to have the appointment canceled at the last minute. Let’s put an end to that. We’ll teach you our top client enrollment strategies so that you can weed out bad prospects, shorten initial appointments and convert a significant percentage of your prospects into paying clients of your firm.

  • Upgrade Your Workflow Processes- You must have a reliable workflow system in place in order to accommodate the volume of cases that you need to reach your revenue goals. We’ll show you how to implement our proprietary system for increasing the amount of work that you can take on—without balls dropping or work falling through the cracks.

  • Become the Leader in Your Field- Staying on top of the law is a full-time job. Let us show you a simplified way to remain on the cutting edge of legal strategy, tools and education, so that you can have total confidence in what you are providing to clients in the form of your legal advice and documents.

  • Add New Streams of Revenue to Your Practice- If you desire to grow your business to six figures and beyond, you’ll eventually need to add multiple streams of income into your practice. We’ll share with you strategies our Members are using right now to expand their revenue streams so that the estate and/or elder law process is never a “one and done” experience.

  • Create Your Own “Mastermind”-  Leading a small law firm can be a lonely prospect… but it doesn’t have to be! Here at the Academy, we teach our Members a unique and exciting way to combat a sense of isolation in practice, while staying on the cutting edge and truly standing out in your community. This training is a member favorite, and one that will change the way you view your purpose and community contribution as an attorney.

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