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Request our 11-day boot camp to uncover the time-tested lessons and processes American Academy Members have used for over 25 years to transform their law firms into more efficient, effective and profitable business ventures.

  • Master Finances and Operations- Discover our valuable guidelines for measuring your firm’s financials, interpret why certain financial indicators exist, explore new revenue streams and understand how to go about making critical financial changes.

  • Build a Superstar Team & Ensure Staff Accountability- Discover the Academy’s system for Hiring and Onboarding that will transform your staff into the powerhouse employees that you, and your clients, need them to be. 

  • Upgrade Your Technology- Take a peek into our “go to” technology systems that integrate tools to draft documents and manage your firm, so that you are getting the most out of your tech investments.

  • Master Your Marketing- Learn our best strategies for attracting a steady stream of clients to your practice, without breaking the bank or wasting your time on marketing that doesn’t actually work for lawyers.

  • Enroll More Clients- We’ll help you weed out bad prospects, shorten initial appointments and convert a significant percentage of your prospects into paying clients of your firm.

  • Upgrade Your Workflow Processes- Implement our proprietary system for increasing the amount of work that you can take on—without balls dropping or work falling through the cracks.

11 Steps to Building a Profitable, Systemized and Fulfilling Estate Planning Practice

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